OK200 Chick Fil-A Night


Chick Fil-A is one classy organization.

For the last 3 years they have allowed the OK200 group to invite our OK200 community to their restaurant in Paradise Pointe, (on Mills Civic), for a night of food, fun and sharing our mission.  They give us a percentage of the receipts we collect from our friends as a donation.  In return, we FLOOD their establishment with red shirts and lots of hungry people.

April 20th was no different, in fact, it was our biggest turn out we’ve had yet.  Talking with the manager, they were slammed from 4:45pm till a little before 8pm.  We were able to advocate our OK200 cause with those whom have not heard of us and promote the issues of human tracking to our local community who, (like us at one time), don’t even know this problem exists right here is Des Moines.   These “spirit nights” promote opportunities to add riders, extra volunteers and to make new friends for the future.  One of the more rewarding aspects of the evening was watching the kids of OK200 having a blast while serving dinner to the patrons.  They refilled drinks, cleaned tables and helped with the “Spin to Win Wheel”.   We are thankful for these little souls and their eagerness to jump in and help.

The night was a success, we ended up collecting enough receipts to amass over $550.00 in donations.  So when you’re out and about and feeling hungry, please consider Chick Fil-A for lunch or dinner.  Their team is amazing and so gracious.  I can’t tell you how accommodating they have been to us over the years.

Here are some photos from that night, enjoy…

2016 Chick_Fil-A 5 2016 Chick_Fil-A 2016 Chick_Fil-A 12 2016 Chick_Fil-A 1 2016 Chick_Fil-A 9 2016 Chick_Fil-A 8 2016 Chick_Fil-A 112016 Chick_Fil-A 14 2016 Chick_Fil-A 7 2016 Chick_Fil-A 15


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OK200 Kickoff, So Much To Be Thankful For

Today’s media brings us instant and constant exposure to the rigors this world harbors.  It can be enough to make you want to turn off your TV’s, moderate your social media feeds and just hide.  Everyone seems to have experienced this sensory overload at least once.  However, there’s no better way to battle negativity then by arming yourself with the cloak of Christ and a whole lotta positivity.  It’s a mind shift that doesn’t happen over night, but certainly will help you see the world in a different, more uplifting light.  For me, getting involved in helping others while doing the things I’m passionate about is what adjusts my mind and heart to make that important shift.

Four years ago, a couple of friends of mine asked me if I wanted to ride 200 miles in one day?  Like any insane person, I immediately said, “YES”.  Not knowing much more than that, I was committed, (to at least one ride).  Shortly after I committed I was then told I had to do a little fundraising for a cause that I knew nothing about.  Within a few weeks I was learning more and more about this unbelievable and horrific crime known as “Human Trafficking”.  I was a father of a couple of little girl and one on the way, I was human, I had feelings and I was mortified.  Fear can sometimes be a good motivator, so I allowed fear to drive me to open my heart and mind to learn more.  Before long, I was ALL IN on fighting for this cause.  By the way, back then,  there were just 9 of us and about 4 volunteers.  Now I have 3 beautiful daughters and our group has grown to hundreds of caring people.  What a blessing.

Today, we celebrate a community of people consisting of our closest friends, family, co-workers, neighbors and acquaintances.  All this in just 5 short years.  The outpouring of support has been awe-inspiring and down right humbling.  Witnessing so many people putting others first and dedicating time, money, effort and talents to help others they have not ever met is incredible.  So incredible in fact, that we decided to host an “OK200 Social Event” last Thursday night just to say thank you to everyone who has been a part of our community.  We are appreciative and grateful for the friends who have been with us from the beginning and the new friends we continue to make.

If you missed the social, hopefully you can join us at the next one or for a training ride.  Check our Facebook page for more information and give some love to our incredibly generous sponsors below.

Photos of the Social – April 7th, 2016













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