Friday, January 29, 2016

6:00 – 9:00 PM

Windsor Heights Community and Events Center
Located in Colby Park, 6900 School Street in Windsor Heights

Join us as we kick off the 2016 OK200 season!

Come learn about how OK200 uses a 200-mile, one-day bike ride to help stop sex trafficking and how you can join us in making a difference.

With an estimated 10.8 million women and children in sex slavery throughout the world, including the United States, we must act to counter this egregious problem.

You and your company can help change the lives of young women rescued from sex trafficking.

An invitation to give financially will follow a short program.

The dress will be business casual and heavy appetizers, dessert, and beverages will be served.

Why We Ride

Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is the trade of human beings for the purposes of commercial sexual exploitation, forced labor, or child soldiering. This modern form of slavery is a world wide issue and at its highest recorded levels in human history.

OK200 is dedicated to helping “Stop the Traffic” through strategic partnerships that are responding to one of the World’s greatest atrocities in Nepal and Iowa. Our eyes were opened to the great need for help in Nepal and then we realized that sex trafficking is happening here in Iowa.

Our Response:

Our response to this horrible problem has been to sacrifice ourselves physically over 200 miles and use those efforts to benefit the oppressed around the world and at home.

We have raised over $110,000 in the last 4 years with $60,000 of that being raised in 2015. From funding an awareness film called, “Don’t Get In The Van” to supporting safe houses, hundreds of lives of have been impacted by the OK200 ride. It is not a stretch to say that lives are being saved because of the OK200 ride.

What started as a small, faithful response to an egregious problem has grown and changed our lives and saved lives across the world.