In 2017 we made great strides in making a difference in the lives of victims of human trafficking.

Your contributions, along with many others, funded projects to help end human trafficking both here in the US and in Nepal. You helped us raise $176,006, which blew away our goal of $150,000 this year. Thank You!

We started a bold new initiative to expand our 200 mile programs beyond the borders of Iowa. Our two newest campaigns are based out of Minneapolis, MN (MPLS 200) and Nashville, TN (TN 200).

Check out some of the highlights from our projects that helped rescue victims, reduce the demand, and restoresurvivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation, impacting over 4,000 lives.


Lighthouse Foundation Nepal (LHFN) we helped complete construction on a 4 story building. Three floors will be a safe house for up to 300 vulnerable and trafficked boys and girls. The top floor will be a church and community center. This project will not only provide safety, food, education and discipleship, but it will alleviate over $10k a month from the current budget of LHFN.

3 Angels we funded the operations of a Patrol Station on the Indo-Nepal border, for 1 year. This is the same patrol station that OK200 helped establish in 2016 which was used in the rescue of 53 girls and women.

3 Angels micro-finance loans, our funds helped establish a business initiative on the Indo-Nepal border to alleviate poverty levels resulting in a reduced rate of trafficking from the community.


Youth Emergency Services Shelter (YESS) significantly funded the salary for a comprehensive three tier clinical assessment that is provided to all youth that have been sexually violated. Clinical programs, behavioral health modification and physical health healing services are all utilized along with providing a safe place to rest, receive education and treatment.

Wildwood Hills Ranch funded a program to train staff on trafficking awareness and how to educate over 1,000 of Iowa’s most vulnerable children.

Forrest Ridge funded staff training for staff to provide trauma informed treatment services to adolescent girls who’ve been sexually exploited.

Dorothy’s House support for their upcoming year as they open up their restoration homes to minors affected by human trafficking.


Breaking Free – funding for a restoration house to serve and help restore survivors of sex trafficking.


Rescue1Global – helped fund the construction of a new restoration house for survivors of sex trafficking.

Thank you for joining OK200:Stop The Traffic in raising awareness and funds to break the cycle of human trafficking.