BTC 200: 2020 is On!


Break the Cycle 200 is totally happening on June 26, 2020.

This year’s event will be modified for cyclists and runners due to safety concerns related to COVID-19. The heart of the event will remain, but the format will be changed.

If you haven’t signed up yet, do it today! Now is the time to start raising awareness and funds to help end modern slavery, starting in Iowa.

Cyclist Details

  • You’ll still ride 200 miles in one day, but the route will be changed to a trail-based loop that starts and ends in the Des Moines area.
  • We know comfort levels with riding in groups will vary. Our aim with this modification is to accommodate your social distancing preferences by making a way for both small groups or individuals to complete their 200 miles in a safe and supported environment.
  • If riding in crowds of any size aren’t your thing right now, then we’ll help you complete a virtual 200 through Zwift. BTC 200 will help cover the cost of Zwift as is needed to complete the 200 virtually.
  • If you plan to ride the virtual 200, please respond here to let us know.
  • Volunteers will wear PPE, tables will be sanitized, and extra hand soap and sanitizer will be provided at each stop.
  • The ride will end in the Des Moines area and we’ll have a celebration following the ride.



Runner Details

  • We will continue to have a team relay style event.
  • Instead of loading up a bunch of sweaty guys and girls together into small minivans, we will hold the event at Raccoon River Park in West Des Moines.
  • Holding the event in one area will allow us to keep the team relay style event while at the same time being able to maintain social distancing as needed.
  • Runners will be able to run as much as they would like and be encouraged to push themselves to their limits while enjoying encouragement and camaraderie from their teammates.
  • Although the run relay looks different this year, we are excited about the new possibilities it allows.
  • Your safety and ultimately raising awareness and funds to end modern slavery are our priorities.