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Registration Process

BTC 200: Run is an epic endurance relay event that raises awareness and funds for real victims.  We ask all our participants to participate in the fundraising effort. Here is the process

  • Reality Check

    This run relay is not “easy.” It’s a 200-mile one-day run really that departs after the pre-ride dinner and you and your team run over night to arrive the next day around 2pm. The weather is unpredictable and it can drastically affect the comfort level of this run relay as well. The difficulty level of this event means that not everyone will make it. Please consider your fitness level and speak with past participants prior to departure. Each runner should expect to run about 30 miles over the course of the relay.

  • Register

    Opening soon.

    Registration cost is $150 + online fees.

  • Prepare to Fundraise

    After you register, you will be directed to set up your fundraising page in order to receive donations online.  If you have difficulty with the process please email brad.mcclure@BreakTheCycle200.com.

  • Raise Funds

    Spread the word about Break The Cycle 200: Run and invite your friends and family to support our cause.

    Get creative and take lots of pics of you getting out there and making your miles matter.

    All of your money raised goes directly to programs and projects that directly impact modern slavery.