Break The Cycle 200: Challenge

What is Break The Cycle 200: Challenge?

Log 200 miles: any time, any place, any how – to break the cycle of human trafficking. 

Break The Cycle 200: Challenge (BTC 200: Challenge) uses an app based platform, powered by Venture, to empower anyone, anywhere, on any time line to create their own 2oo mile challenge.

We get it, not everyone can get involved in one of our events and now you can do 200 miles your way.

Now you can be a part of the impact Break The Cycle 200 is accomplishing through completing your own 200. Log 200 miles: Any Time, Any Place, Any How.

Want to cycle 200 miles in 1 week? Great!
Want to run 200 miles in 2 months? Awesome.
Want to kayak 200 miles over the entire summer? Fantastic!
What’s your 200?

Take the Challenge today!

Important Stuff to Know:
1. The Challenge is powered by Venture and you’ll be asked to sign up for a Venture Miles account. That’s totally okay and means you are on track.
2. In your “My Cause” description use: “Break the Cycle 200” instead of “Venture.”
3. After set up, download the Venture app to track your miles and tell everyone why your miles matter. BONUS – You’ll even be able to sync with just about any social network for athletes. Get your KOM and make a difference in the world. LETS GO!