Break The Cycle 200: Concert Series

What is Break The Cycle 200: Concert Series?

Singing and cycling have crossed paths to create Break the Cycle 200: Concert Series.

BTC 200: Concert Series (CS) is a challenge by Young Patriots Club to musicians around the world. We are at a crossroads of lives hurting from slavery past and slavery present. Let’s bring healing and peace the way musicians do best – together, in harmony.  

Our goal is to reach 200 hours of concerts performed throughout the world this year, July 2020-July 2021, dedicated to creating awareness and raising funds to help those caught in the horrible reality of human trafficking in the U.S. and around the world. 

Break The Cycle 200: Concert Series


Directors of school, church, homeschool, or community choirs, bands, and show choirs, instrument teachers, local and national artists and ensembles are welcome to register their performance to be part of the concert series. 

Do This Next

Fill out the registration form to start your team and pay the fee to get started. Then prepare and promote your concert, fully charged and with a fundraising goal.  Every dollar raised will go straight to help break the cycle of human modern slavery. Don’t worry, we will give you resources and a way to raise your money online. Together, let’s tune our instruments to answer the cries for justice and humanity.